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03 February 2009

In the first year of 2009, Rota Academy make an event called "Happiness Sharing with Orphanage" collaborate with Elpidos orphanage that located on Mojoarum street, Surabaya. This charity event that also a part of many routine events from Rota Academy followed by all of Rota Academy students. With the main agenda free hair cutting for all of children in Mojoarum orphanage, this event run properly and full of fun.


20 December 2008

New year new look , that's what woman want in that event. "Not only beauty but also healthy. Hair must be healthy too, start from head skin, because a healthy hair is a result of the healthy head skin", said Jatu Anggreani, Mode & Beauty Operational Editor of Femina magazine, in the opening of "Femina & Friends" talk show that cooperate with Kerastase Paris and Rota Hair Dressing, with The Secret of Hair and Face Beauty theme . In this event that hold on Saturday 20 December 2008 in Kawi Lounge, Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya presents dr Eddy Karta, SpKK, dermatolog. Roy Jhanie, Naftari and Ariska Meliana, beauty expert from Rota Hair Dressing, Beauty Salon & Academy Surabaya.

Rota Hair Dressing, Beauty Salon & Academy Surabaya is one of the famous salon in Surabaya that for a long time become trendsetter for hair & face beauty. With dedication and hard work of Roy Jhanie and his wife Rita Anggreani, Rota has become a favorite salon for many fashionist in Surabaya because they have a good analysis in hair trend and beauty inovation for hair & face beauty. Rota also has a trust from international community that make Kerastase Paris entrust Kerastase Institute to become a place for women to take care of their hair. Kerastase Institute has first class services like in resort sanctuary in five star hotel.

Roy which is accompanied with his daughter Naftari, say that hair trend in 2009 will play in volume. "For long hair, it's better to cut shorter and then added with layer and waved in the bottom, so it will look thick" said Roy. Naftari added that "bob" model in 2009 has some modification, it will look more oval and thick in the bottom. "In the other hand "poni" model still become a trend, but it's model will straight and not more too short, at least till eyebrow long." said Naftari .

Hair colouring also suggested by Roy. But in 2009, bright colouring is not become a trend anymore, a natural brown and matte brown will be a trend, because hair trend in 2009 play with colour reflection. What about high light colouring ? "You can do that , but choose not a contrast colour. The purpose is to make cutting contour more dominant ", Naftari suggested.

While Ariska, make up artist from Rota Hair Dressing, Beauty Salon & Academy, predict that soften tone for hair colouring with bright polish will be a good choice for eye illustration in 2009. This soften colour can be maked more beautifull with shimmer in baby pink colour. "Applicate shimmer only in cheek bone. For greasy skin, this application of shimmer is sufficient at night only. As finishing, Ariska suggested lipstik with nude colour with glossy effect. "This choice of colour will make a fresh appearance and not garish. This make up also suitable for night make up, because this year (2009) the tone of colouring is soft." said Ariska.

If you always follow hair trend, but your hair is dandruff or greasy? It's useless if the condition of your hair is dandruff or greasy. Hair healthy is an important thing and start from head skin. According to Dr Eddy, for Indonesia women this hair and head skin problem commonly are: hair fall off, dandruff hair, greasy hair, and hair sensitive. To get healthy hair and head skin, Dr Eddy suggested a healthy lifestyle. It means you have enough rest, a balance diet, physical exercise, recreation, avoid preservative food and be comfortable with yourself.

Honestly if your head skin has maximum immune then all the above problems will not raise. For that reason Kerastase Paris create an innovation called Biotic, that can strengthen head skin immunity. This biotic work like prebiotik drink. This Biotic consist of bioflorine, a good microorganism that can beat bad microorganism in head skin, so your head skin is more balance. Bioflorine is extracted and live in mountain water. Because it come from natural source then it can be applied for man or woman and also for child.

For people that live in Surabaya, this Biotic treatment can be enjoyed in Kerastase Institute of Rota Hair Dressing, Beauty Salon & Academy. In this place, your hair and head skin will be diagnose first and then it will be treated like five star spa. You also will be spoiled with full body massage with hot stone method. For maximal result, this treatment can be continued through daily ritual at your home. For shampoo use Bain Bio Recharge and then combined with Concentrate BR. Maudy Koesnaedi, Brand Amassador Kerastase and Melinda Widjanarko Femina 2008 beauty finalist, admit that they are really satisfied with the result of using Biotic. "Especially if that treatment done in Kerastase Institute. My hair feel spoiled like become a Queen for one day." said Maudy.


NO RULES: From left, creation of Lenny Gondosiswanto & Shanty Hardiono, Lydia Natalia & Melyta Darmawan, Priscilla Jhanie & Melia
25 October 2008

Make-up creation not always follow the conservative rules, sometimes with break that rules we can create a different make-up, looks strange but unique. This "break the rules" concept is become the creation of ROTA Academy students in ROTA Academy Award 2008, an annual hair show to celebrate the graduation of ROTA Academy students. This year is the second year of this event, and it is held on Blowfish Kitchen and Bar, Mex Building 7 floor on 25 October 2008 at 18.00 o'clock. This event is held successfully and also present Adji Idol as a guest star. .

There are five creations in this event that presented by ROTA Academy students. They are Shadow of Life, Nightmare Before Graduation, Choco Candy, and Creatures of Darkness. All of this creation is created by five student from hairdresser major (Melia, Lenny Gondosiswanto, Fonny, Susanti Dewi Tjandra, and Lydia Natalia) and four students from make-up artist major (Priscilla Jhanie, Shanty Hardiono, Michelle Tan, and Melyta Darmawan). Some of the teams not only focus on the make-up but also design the gown by themself. One of that team is Priscilla Jhanie and Melia team. The collaboration of that 2 students create "Nightmare Before Graduation" theme that has artistic bridal make-up which is shown by Stefanie Ang, a model. The make-up of Stefanie is asimetris make-up which is the right and left face has different make-up. The eye corner has a gothic and sharp make-up. The lips coloured with bright pink colour. The gown dominate with black colour with a few white colour, this gown material created from tile and cape and has a tail which is 2 meters long. ’’All of my creation is follow Break The Rules concept", said Priscilla Jhanie, 15.

With the same "Break The Rules" concept, the other team which is consist of Lenny Gondosiswanto and Shanty Hardiono choose "Creatures of Darkness" theme. They has a passion with the fairy tale gown like in the Lord of The Ring and Harry Potter story. ’’We want to create that imagination (make-up) to become realty", said Lenny. One of the realization is Medusa (snake queen in the fairy tale) style. The hair of Shienny Gondosiswanto (a model) is arranged to looks like there are many snakes in her head. The right and left side of her hair has "cepol" style which is using "sasak" technique.

For this unique hairdressing , Lenny use combination of red, green and yellow colours. To make Shienny looks like Medusa character, they choose the black gown. The other creation theme that more sweet is created by Susanti Dewi Tjandra and Michelle Tan team. They use candy and chocolate in the hat and hand bouquet to make their creation more perfect. "So, we named it Choco Candy for our creation", said Michelle. In this event, there are 2 categories for the winner in each major. They are Best Student and Best Performance. Four students are choosen for the winner in four different categories. The Best Hairdresser Student winner is Susanti Dewi Tjandra, 19. For Best Hairdresser Performance winner is Lenny Gondosiswanto, 27. The Best Make-Up Student winner is Michelle Tan, 29, and the Best Make-Up Performance winner is Priscilla Jhanie, 15. The jury for this event are Wiwi F.Y. (from Rias magazine) and Emmy Pujiastuti (from La Tulipe cosmetic). Creative Director of ROTA Academy Naftari Jhanie said that this event is the perfect moment for the students to apply their skill and knowledge. "They have a freedom of creation. Up to them, we not limit it", said Naftari Jhanie.

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